Imagine a politician or businessperson kicking you in the face forever. This is economics. Capitalism is legal theft. All profit is theft. The cruelty of profit is an understandable symptom of scarcity.

Being poor is extreme agony! Crude survival compels people to seize money from fellow humans.

Mass stupidity is manufactured. Leaders enhance natural idiocy for greater profits.

Stupid people are less likely to challenge massive wealth inequality. Morons may understand something is wrong, but they lack the intellectual skills to remedy a grossly unfair situation. Fools placidly suffer unjustly high prices for goods and services. They rarely protest against their low wages. Stupid people also buy useless junk. From every angle idiots are very profitable. Taking candy from a baby isn't difficult. Human intelligence is a relatively new evolutionary trait, it is fragile.

Hope exists. The agony poor people endure to satisfy wealthy people can seem eternal. Thankfully there is an end in sight. The merciless abuse will stop.

Accelerating technology is reducing scarcity, which means in the not too distant future everything will be free for everyone. Resources will be limitless. Explosively smart technology will end all aspects of scarcity. Our intelligence is maturing, it is becoming resilient.

In the 1840s aluminium was more expensive than gold or platinum. Technological progress entailed more efficient mining processes thereby reducing both the scarcity and price of aluminium. People often throw aluminium foil away because today it is very cheap. Mobile (cell) phones are similar. The first mobiles in 1983 were priced at $3,900 whereas in 2014 it was common to see various phones priced at $10 or less. There was actually one example of a phone costing 0.99 in the UK in 2014.

The solution is something called basic income (#UBI, citizen's income).

Basic income is free money, totally unconditional. It's a Welfare payment on steroids. It's basic enough to live on without a job. It can't be stopped for any reason. You don't need to look for work to receive a basic income.

If you have a job or savings, lose a job, or don't want to work it doesn't matter, basic income cannot be stopped. Basic income is a great transition to a civilization where everything is free!

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