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ISYM is the personal struggle of Victorious Beauty. This struggle is designed to reveal how businesses exploit foolish customers and workers. This venture is dedicated to the squashed imbalance of nonsensical life. Capitalism is a stupid stinking cesspit of unaware doltish oblivion. I am Victorious Beauty, the Official Slave Liberator. Give me your money.




I Steal Your Money is the ultimate ethical capitalist business. I am Victorious Beauty. I explain the truth. Capitalism is theft. I am a typical capitalist businessperson. ISYM helps you absorb the truth about all capitalist businesses. My truths will liberate you. To earn money I focus on the ethics of capitalism.







Capitalism is a cruel system based upon monetary inequality; it is a greed-based system. Capitalism is legal-theft. Wealth is stolen from poor people via stupid trade. Monetary inequality is essential. Rich people are only rich because they take a bigger share of wealth.


Rich people live affluently because they exploit masses of fools. Customers are overcharged and employees underpaid. Stupidity and capitalism are inextricably interlinked. The urge to be richer than other people plunders our intellectual wealth. Enslavement of unintelligent workers is a fundamental aspect of inhuman capitalism.


I STEAL YOUR MONEY is an honest business highlighting important truths to emancipate slaves. The knowledge in this site will assist poor people who are cruelly abused by the oppressive capitalist system. Defend yourself against hardship. Celebrate the truth about capitalism yearly on April 1st. This sanctuary will protect poor people from the suffering of poverty. Welcome to the fortress of The Official Slave Liberator: Victorious Beauty.




Dolts are an essential part of capitalism because dolts happily accept monetary inequality. Dolts will not protest regarding low-pay or regarding overpriced products-services. Doltish people poorly comprehend what dolts are. Dolts are largely unaware. I am attempting to educate all the dolts.


Brain-power is the focus of ISYM therefore unintelligence is also the focus. ISYM will educate all morons.


Capitalism can’t allow everyone to be intelligent because if everyone was intelligent nobody would want to perform all the mindless jobs.



I.S.Y.M. Fortress - Sanctuary:

Your defence against capitalism.

Endless Dolts.

Crime scene robbery victim.

Brain-Death. Capital-Head-Trauma.


LIBERATE WAGE SLAVES     ►►►   Celebrate I STEAL YOUR MONEY DAY, every April 1st.

Wealth distribution. Poverty riches.
Capitalist Profit is Legal Theft.
Buried Treasure.

Do you feel disrespected, lost, unneeded, crushed? Does capitalism resemble the fist of a politician, or tycoon, mercilessly punching a human face forever? Whatever your problems are I can help you because the vastness of my mind is phenomenal. I simply need your money.


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