Profiting from Plebs Worldwide


From comedians to cows, or barstools to birthdays: there is ALWAYS a business profiting from plebs. Mundane workers are paid low wages. Customers are overcharged. Some billionaires made their money via pharmaceutical companies; some millionaires utilised energy businesses. Famous actors, authors, and artists are guilty of exploiting lesser humans. Food and beverages are good examples of how fortunes can be made. A vulgar amount of billionaires exist. Beneath the super-rich many upper-middle-class people are also very wealthy. Trapped in poverty at the bottom of the heap you find countless masses of fools. The majority of the human race is composed of unintelligent-poor-people imprisoned in plebeian mental squalor. The purpose of poor fools is to maintain rich lifestyles for The Privileged Elite. This is slavery. Dolts are exploited.




Exploiting Dolts in GERMANY


Victorious Beauty - 8th August 2008



Andreas & Thomas Strunngmann depend upon sickness for their €5.93 billion riches. Sale of medicines is very profitable for them. Via pharmaceutical investment they have exploited ill people. All businesses are vile but entrepreneurial depravity appears more shocking when people who need medicines are exploited. Critics say the most beneficial medicine for the pharmaceutical industry is one that doesn't actually cure people. Outright speedy cures would be bad for pharmaceutical commerce whereas if the patient is forced to take a medicine year after year (without dying) this creates large profits. Preventing symptoms worsening without actually curing the patient is a fantastic money-maker. Contradictory priorities exist between patients and pharmaceutical businesses. Truly effective medicines are not profitable therefore miracle curatives are not likely to receive investment. Andreas & Thomas Strunngmann are privileged to possess wealth of €5.93 billion. This huge wealth is understandable because medicines are overpriced and workers are underpaid. Hexal is the name of the company founded by Thomas and Andreas Strüngmann. Hexal has won awards for being Germany’s best employer; but despite those awards the underpayment of plebs is common during all stages of pharmaceutical production. Hexal implements social responsibility programs donating money to sick children, but Hexal's "social responsibility" falls far short of true responsibility. Pharmaceutical workers at the bottom of the pecking-order suffer sharpest remuneration inadequacies. Pharmaceutical production involves various jobs, at various pay levels. Consider the general hourly rate for medical scientists: €25.63, chemists €17.74, supervisors and managers €17.42, service engineers €13.23, chemical technicians €12.50, bio-technicians €12.21, equipment operators €11.03, Inspectors, testers, and sorters €10.12, mixing, blending, and machine setters €9.17, packers €7.61 (£6.00, $11.78, Yuan 80). This is why Andreas & Thomas Strunngmann are privileged with sickening wealth of €5.93 billion. From earliest stages of chemical processing to the end product bought by customers: the exploitation of subservient humans creates riches for elite individuals.


Michael Otto is the king of the Mail Order business. His wealth is estimated to be €11.5 billion. Michael Otto is undoubtedly a successful German billionaire. Unfortunately one of his mail-order companies (Spiegel based in the USA) went bankrupt during 2002. When Spiegel was suffering Michael Otto wilfully broke federal laws via concealing the true financial picture of his business. Mr Otto was aware he would be fined for his transgression but he didn't expect the severity of the consequences. His failure to file an annual report with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) incurred a lengthy SEC investigation. The matter was finally resolved in 2006. Spiegel Co-Presidents Michael Moran and James Sievers, Treasurer John Steele, Director Michael Crusemann, CEO Martin Zaepfel, CFO James Cannataro, and Michael Otto were all reprimanded. A disciplinary ruling decreed a permanent injunction prohibiting them from future violations of federal securities laws. This verdict was accepted by the disgraced chiefs. The ruling also imposed financial punishments... Moran, Sievers, Cannataro and Steele were ordered to pay the civil penalty of €77,544 each. Otto and Crusemann both paid penalties of €64,639, and Zaepfel paid a €109,837 penalty. These fines totalled slightly over half a million euros (€549,291) but this punishment is peanuts for highflying businessmen. The real penalty was the blot on their reputations. Otto defended his actions by claiming that rather than attempting to mislead investors he was simply attempting to save employee jobs. He said: "Everything I did was always based on what was best for the company." The head of SEC Enforcement, Linda Chatman, takes a different view and she said, "The Commission's action against the Spiegel directors demonstrates that the Commission will hold those at the highest corporate ranks accountable for their conduct. Directors who keep important financial information from the investing public by purposely failing to file required financial reports will be sanctioned. Shareholders and investors deserve to know the unadulterated truth." Workers employed by Michael Otto receive a poor wage, and customers are overcharged. This is standard business practice, but the Otto Group website states: “In our day-to-day activities, we seek not only to advise and support our customers but to serve them in every way possible. In pursuit of this goal, we continuously offer them excellent goods and services at fair prices.” Otto and his family are rich (€11.5 billion) landowners with extensive real estate therefore I believe their customers are overcharged and employees are poorly paid. Wealth totalling €11.5 billion arises from unfair pricing.


Johanna Quandt is worth €16.41 billion due to BMW cars but the history of BMW is truly shocking. The roots of BMW stretch back to the Nazi regime. Günther Quandt owned a battery factory (Accumulatorenfabrik AG) supplying the Nazi war-machine with batteries. Munitions were also produced at the Günther factory. Workers in the battery factories were predominantly people from concentration camps. BMW has admitted 25,000 - 30,000 slaves (POWs and concentration camp inmates) worked at the Accumulatorenfabrik AG factory. The slave labourers were not paid but sometimes €0.13 per hour for each worker was paid into the SS treasury, which funded concentration camp exterminations. Günter Quandt accumulated a bloodstained fortune during the war and this allowed the Quandt family to become controlling BMW shareholders. 15 years after World War 2 Günter’s son (Herbert) invested heavily in BMW to revitalise a declining company. The current success of BMW is clearly dependent upon the Quandts. The wealth of Johanna Quandt’s is clearly dependent upon the hardworking slaves of Nazi Germany. The cruelty inflicted upon BMW slave-labourers entailed whippings and they were also compelled to drink water from toilets to quench their thirst. It is estimated around 80 slaves would die each month working for Günther Quandt. After the war Günther Quandt avoided prosecution for war crimes via maintaining a low profile. He also claimed he was only a reluctant follower of the Nazis. All businesses earn their riches via the toil of slaves. This history of BMW is unsurprising. Consider Johanna herself who married into the Quandt family via Herbert Quandt. When Herbert died Johanna inherited her fortune. Rich people never truly earn their money. During modern times (2003 - 2006) at one of BMWs' global plants (U.S.A. South Carolina) there was an official investigation by U.S. Department of Labour. Conformity to Fair Labour Standards Act compelled BMW to reimburse $629,869 to 1,224 workers because BMW had refused to pay those workers for time they spent putting on safety clothing and walking between work stations. Life is good if you are a superior human but most humans are exploited plebeians. The Quandt family also own a controlling stake in the pharmaceutical giant Altana. Unsurprisingly the family's holdings are worth an estimated €22 billion. My final point is regarding Chief BMW Designer Chris Bangle. During 2007 Chris Bangle was embroiled in a race row when he described a black BMW sports car in the following terms: "It's kind of an axis of white power here; these are really strong white cars."


More than enough information has been presented here regarding German exploiters. There is no need to detail the Herz family who posses a fortune of €13.1 billion derived from the sale of coffee. Neither is there any need to itemise the corruption of Karl & Theo Albrecht who are valued at €31.58 billion due to their empire of supermarkets. These examples of typical billionaires have hopefully highlighted how all businesses worldwide are stealing money. Beneath these billionaires are plentiful millionaires, and then at the bottom of the heap hordes of common workers endure enslaved labour to fund rich parasites. The worldwide phenomenon of dolt exploitation occurs in all nations. Germany is not better or worse than any other country.