TOP TIP   Laminate your Slave Sign so you can reuse it every year.                    

TOP TIP   Make a fish costume by wearing flippers and wrapping yourself in tinfoil.  


















Do a Fishy Wiggle & wear a Slave Sign





How to create your Slave Sign


Tools  Needed


●  Printer.

●  Scissors.

●  Sticky tape / safety pins. Or string to wear it around your neck like a medallion?


Victorious Beauty explains the history of  I Steal Your Money Day...



For centuries many nations acknowledged April Fools Day. This tradition of foolishness provided the foundations for acknowledging the true nature of absurdity suffered by humans everyday. ALL FOOLS DAY (April Fools Day) was the perfect day to highlight unjust monetary imbalance between rich and poor people. This is why April Fools Day was renamed I STEAL YOUR MONEY DAY. April 1st is also the 1st day of the Financial Year for some Governments. To liberate ALL SLAVES, April Fools Day was officially renamed I Steal Your Money Day on March 4th 2008.


Every year on April 1st many people now raise awareness for Poor Enslaved Multitudes. Public response was initially lukewarm but gradually this idea entered public consciousness. This occasion steadily gained popularity. People slowly became aware that sympathy must be shown for poor fools. Media corporations were reluctant to publicise "I Steal Your Money Day" because they feared loss of advertising revenue. Thankfully the disillusioned masses welcomed I Steal Your Money Day. Institutional reluctance to acknowledge this courageous day was an obstacle easily transcended. Millions of people now appreciate why a specific day is needed to memorialise the agony of low-paid fools. Brain-Dead-Jobs desperately need lucid acknowledgement. Morons easily accept farcical things but they experience difficulty believing the truth. Ridiculously I hope all dolts can eventually believe parasitic rich people are dishonestly stealing money from hardworking plebs. April 1st is a fitting remembrance for the concept of "I Steal Your Money" because my Victorious-truths are ludicrous nonsense from the viewpoint of fools.



Every April 1st Celebrate ISYM DAY.


Do a Fishy Wiggle and wear a Slave Sign.


1 minute Fishy Wiggle @ Midday



Capitalism is extremely fishy therefore at Midday every April 1st we must all wiggle like fish for one minute. Capitalist consumers resemble fish out of water. People enslaved by rich parasites are incredibly stupid similar to fish. We must pay tribute to our fishiness.


Silly fishy wiggling highlights the ridiculousness of monetary inequality. Capitalist society is very silly. Embrace your absurdity. Everything is fishy fishy. There is something very fishy about rich parasites. Via a one minute Fishy Wiggle at Midday the absurdity of life will be recognised. Your fishy destiny is wiggling. Fishy fishy.



Wear a Slave Sign all day on April 1st


We are slaves trapped in a greedy capitalist nightmare. A "Slave Sign" is a great way to raise awareness regarding the misery of dolts. Via awareness of our enslavement we will instil everybody with wisdom. Every year on April 1st wear your Slave Sign all day. Wearing a SLAVE SIGN is a supreme truth regarding our foolish civilisation. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. I Steal Your Money Day is for everyone. Show your sympathy for the foolish human race. Wear your sign with pride!


If you aren’t brave enough to wear a Slave Sign or do a Fishy Wiggle, you can simply say hello to people on April 1st in an ISYM-style. Whenever somebody greets you during I Steal Your Money Day you should reply with this phrase: “I am a foolish slave exploited by rich parasites,” or this phrase: “Happy I Steal Your Money Day.” You can also blow a raspberry and then holler: "Poor Fools," or you can utter the word "BEEP" in the in the style of a broken robot.



Click it. Save the Zip. Print it. Trim excess paper and then fasten it onto your chest; or display it in a window.