Healthy cows are profitable cows therefore it pays to ensure cow-happiness. Happy cows produce lots of profitable milk for the farmer. Intelligent-cows buy their own food, feed themselves, and buy their own homes, but despite their relative intelligence they are cows being milked by rich parasites. The freedom to buy your own home is the freedom to buy your cage. Slaves with the freedom to earn money and buy homes are slaves nevertheless. You are owned by elite farmers of civilisation. You are free to buy your home and buy food, but you are definitely a slave without freedom. There is no freedom. You create vast riches for rich parasites. You are not free. You are being milked. You are a slave. Your capitalist existence is dumb bovine nothingness. You exist purely to create vast profits for elite farmers. You exist to be milked by rich parasites... Moooooooo Slave!




Cows fattened for the slaughter. Meat machines pushing and shoving on route to be milked. The bovine crowds jostle and bump.

Metal railings contain the jostling cows. Crowds are funnelled into the milking shed. Noisy hooves. Thick tongues. Dim brains...    

Life amidst the plebeian world is a pantomime-cow-farce:


Intelligence is mocked via the shabby pretence of real life. Humans wearing psychological-cow-costumes are milked by rich parasites. Plebeian herds are submissive cattle. Dumb bovine nothingness. Humans wearing their psychological-cow-costumes stupidly believe they are actually humans but instead they have actually become cows. People forget they are now cows.

Social interaction is miserable barnyard futility




Plebeian World

Bonus Plebs

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Hello, how are you?


Have a nice day.


Fantastic haircut.


Have you lost weight?


This is the capitalist semiotic model of cow-moo-nication



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