Plebeian World

More Examples

Do you see 1 childish toy or 4 different toys? Perhaps there are four unique human beings displayed here, or perhaps you are seeing one person viewed from different angles? This is how people you view daily display their tasteless-uniform-identities. The vile amorphous nothingness of dead-minds creates a dire situation of monstrous mediocrity. This representation of futile-rage reveals awareness... insanely repressed. People really are obliviously ignorant of the horrifying reality they create. A controller sticks a finger inside the puppet. The finger shakes and the arms waggle. Freewill is never possible because constraints of the sociological structure dictate idiotic-farce. Plebeians are terrifying rubbery nonsense with empty eyes... ►

The manufacturer fixes the plastic humanoid into a rigid position. This figurative subject now enters the marketplace to perform a required function. Powerless humanoids fulfil predetermined subhuman roles. A vestige of intellect causes cognitive dissonance but mental turmoil is usually very slight due to small minds. Rigid inflexibility of bland personalities stops slaves from breaking free. Manufactured positions of uniformity are supreme. Distant memories of consciousness are displayed via green muffled rage. The common herd are submissively envious of rich parasites. This grasping for truth is futile farce. Artificiality of enslaved minds ensures that repression is the hallmark of existence. Plebs reach forward incompetently.