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These Free Mugs are Trophies for Valiant Hearted Souls, awarded to bravest people who feel deepest disgust regarding our greedy world. Possessing one of my Free Mugs is a symbol of great distinction. This Free Mug Offer is NOT a gimmick. These FREE MUGS are poetic icons of respect for loyal supporters of Victorious Beauty. You can be courageous if you drink from one of my mugs! Absolutely no donation required.


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Drinking from an I Steal Your Money Mug can bring VAST JOY to your life! My warm truth explains how all businesses greedily drink your cash.




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These truth-mugs will set you free. These free mugs are the freest example of freedom I could create. Freely I help you find freedom.


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*Mug availability is limited dependent upon random mood swings of Victorious Beauty. Terms / conditions apply: disclaimer.