The Idea of Capitalism                 








By applying your brainpower to The World of Business you can rise above the common herd. Large profits are made via charging more money than it actually costs to manufacture products or services. Combined with overcharging consumers, employees are paid less than they actually deserve. The whole concept of “PROFITS” depends upon shortchanging both customers and employees. This is how some people become very rich. Fortunes cannot be made fairly. Wealth is created via unfair exchanges where customers are overcharged and employees are underpaid. Clever people are rich.



















If everyone was a Clever-Thief there would be no profit in stealing. Stupidity is essential. Not everyone can be rich because “wealth” depends upon the legal-theft associated with unfair transactions. Unfairness is essential... Mass stupidity creates rich-lifestyles for THE ELITE... Intelligence determines if one human or another rises to the top. Some humans are born into privileged circumstances and some humans become wealthy due to pure luck, but intelligence is the always the overall determining factor for being rich. Throughout history intelligent people have gradually created a civilisation that makes life easier for intelligent people. Intelligent people have nurtured mass stupidity. Stupidity for the majority of people was deemed an asset to be encouraged. Widespread stupidity now ensures success for rich people. Stupidity ensures ABSENT OBJECTIONS regarding monetary inequality. Capitalism is designed to suppress intelligence for the majority of people. Why do poor people meekly accept their subservient positions slaving to support rich people? Poor people accept the unfairness of capitalism because they are stupid. Intelligent people who rise to the top realise their continued success depends upon mass human stupidity. Society is therefore designed to promote and encourage stupidity for the majority of humans. Intelligent people rise to lofty heights where they control the social system. Intelligent controllers encourage dumb, bovine, unquestioning mentalities for the majority of people. This is why people accept unfairness. Simple logistics decree the majority of the population must be poor and stupid.










Commonplace stupid workers are subservient servants serving rich people.               


Does intelligence deserve greater monetary recognition?


Is it justifiable for rich people to earn vastly more than poor underlings?


Are some humans better than others?












Capitalist society says YES, some people are better than other humans therefore “skills” deserve greater monetary recognition. The capitalist ethos says intelligent people work hardest but the truth is: poor people work harder. The jobs for poor people are equally important compared to the jobs for rich people. Consider the insignificant bolts in a machine compared to the powerful engine. One loose bolt can stop the whole machine from functioning because engines depend upon lots of parts. A faulty bolt could cause all the engine oil to drain away. All components are equally important for the overall success of a machine. Dirty engine oil doesn’t appear powerful compared to the actual engine but without oil for lubrication the cogs in the engine become stuck. Rich people are guilty of profiteering! Rich people exploit poor fools. Rich people control the capitalist system. Elite members of society mercilessly exploit the economic system for their personal gain. Greed is a natural aspect of capitalism therefore it is natural for intelligent people to milk the system for the greatest amount of money. Intelligent people can competently satisfy their greed. The amount of billionaires and millionaires throughout the world clearly shows how stupid people can easily be exploited. Capitalism says rich people are justified earning vastly more than commoners because the intelligence of rich people deserves greater monetary acknowledgement, but this assertion is false. Stupid people accept their false-inferior-status because they are stupid, and by accepting their stupidity they become more stupid. This is why humans are becoming more stupid with every passing year. This is why the divide between rich and poor is increasing. The stupidity of poor people allows capitalists to financially penalise poor idiots, which is an outrageous injustice. If everyone possessed intelligence nobody would accept low-pay (unequal pay). Businesses and politicians have a strong incentive to promote stupidity for masses of workers because fools happily perform low-paid brain-dead jobs.





Victorious Beauty says... “Slaves work hard if you provide them with food, shelter, and entertainment.”.         Commerce






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Clever people succeed... Stupid people are exploited.




Why do people accept this unfair situation?





If all workers were paid equal hourly rates this would boost intelligence enormously for everyone.