Global Wealth




The majority of people receive very small shares of global wealth.


Poverty is inevitable for people in category “B” because people in “B” receive a very small share of wealth. Poverty is NOT a disease to be eradicated. Poverty is a symptom of high wage earners. The cure entails reducing the wages for high-wage-earners. Poverty will decrease directly in proportion to reduced salaries of high-wage-earners. Capitalism is the disease. Poverty will only be eradicated when all people receive the same wage.


Poverty is a relative term based upon the disparity between rich and poor. Higher standards of living don’t eradicate poverty. The disparity between rich and poor is typically increasing.


For stylistic reasons (in the chart on the left) the B section is divided into 50 divisions because 98 divisions would be too small to see the divisions properly.



Vast riches for a WEALTHY MINORITY = Poverty for the majority of people.




2% of the global population earn gargantuan incomes therefore the remaining 98% are poor. People fail to appreciate how simple logic underpins imbalance of wealth. Capitalist politicians are a good example of people failing to comprehend how inevitable-poverty is an inherent aspect of capitalism. A failure to appreciate basic mathematics regarding wealth-inequality leads people to believe poverty can be eradicated without eradicating (or making everyone equal to) millionaires and billionaires.


Logic is denied. Basic interrelationships are ignored. Maths is misunderstood. Truths regarding poverty and riches are obvious but people experience difficulty comprehending truth. Millionaires and billionaires create poverty. Capitalism is a system based upon unawareness therefore people inevitably fail to understand cause and consequence. Despite a capitalist lack of awareness regarding interrelationships, I’m attempting to explain the true nature of the global economy. This “wealth-distribution page” enhances my legal-theft page, which enhances my explanation regarding the stupidity of capitalism. Hopefully these three related pages will explain to the stupidest person how riches for the minority creates poverty for the majority. It’s simple mathematics.





The imbalance of wealth has TWO extremes:


1. Poverty  2. Riches




Poverty is intimately connected to billionaires and millionaires, but interrelationships between high-wage-earners and low-wage-earners are NOT officially recognised by journalists, social-commentators, or politicians. Denial of simple maths leads people to assume poverty is not caused by high-wage-earners. There is often a false assumption that poverty can be eradicated without decreasing the wealth of the Global Elite. Commonplace false-assumptions regarding poverty reveal a civilisation suffering from outrageous logic-deficiency.


The basic mathematical error of capitalism is comparable to believing ten units can be divided equally between two people so that each person has eight units. Worldwide it is accepted the richest 2% of the global population own at least 50% of global wealth. To simplify this ownership of wealth I want you to imagine the richest 2% of the population (the Global elite) represented by only two people. Now imagine the remaining 98% of the global population represented by only 98 people. Now I want you to visualise the Global Elite being labelled with a letter “A” and common workers are labelled with a letter “B”. Imagine a hypothetical business employing both A and B. The total wage-budget for this hypothetical business is 100 units. If “A” receives 50 units, “B” can receive no more than 50 units. People in “A” category receive 25 units per person. Sadly people in “B” category receive slightly over half of 1 unit for each person. When you split 50 units into 98 portions this results in the very small fraction of ½ a unit for each person. Half a unit compared to 25 units is a very large imbalance. Wages per person are fixed for category A and B. The majority of people are poor because they are exploited by a rich minority.


This imbalance cannot be remedied by placing more people into category “A” because this would bankrupt the business: the global economy.


Imagine “A” = leaders, while “B” = commoners. The fundamental nature of leadership dictates only a minority of people can be rich leaders. It is logically impossible for more than a small fixed amount of people to enter A-category. In each country only a few handfuls of people are selected from millions to be leaders. Leadership in all forms is a minority-position therefore the Global Elite are always destined to create poverty for the majority of people. The solution is to create a new category, category “C” where everyone receives the same wage. Equal wages will end the inequalities arising from monetary imbalance. Poverty can only be eradicated via equally sharing all wealth. Paying one worker more than another is the essence of poverty (capitalism). Ramifications of this inequality reverberate throughout society, thus we see the consequences of greed (violence, hate, war, rape, murder, robbery, whoredom). Wage equality for everyone is the only way to make poverty history. Poverty and capitalism are inextricably interlinked.

Division of Wealth

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The wealthiest 2% of the global population own at least 50% global riches.



Squashed Imbalance



2%   of population receive very large wages.





98%   of population receive very small wages.





The actual situation is massively worse than depicted. All data on this page is a simplified artistic representation. The information ha been simplified because truth is too difficult to represent or believe. The truth is that half of all adults own 1% of global wealth; therefore regarding half the worldwide adult population, the fraction for individual wealth ownership is one two-billionth of 1%. This causes problems because this fraction is too small to comprehend. People would not believe half of adults worldwide each own this horrifically small 1% share of wealth. Combined with each poor person owning one tiny percentage of 1%, the wealthiest 10% of adults own 85% of all wealth, and the wealthiest 1% of adults own 40% of all wealth. Clearly the majority of people are very poor compared a tiny minority of incredibly rich people. By splitting the global wealth equally (50/50) between two groups (A and B), and by using 98% and 2% to represent 98 and 2 people, this method hopefully puts things into a clearer perspective. Imagine 50% of all adults (two billion people) sharing 1% of global wealth! Now imagine the richer half of the adult population sharing 99% of global wealth.


Statistics on this page relate to data gathered regarding the year 2000 published in a UNU REPORT in 2006. The global wealth situation is always becoming worse because the divide between rich and poor is continually growing. At the time of you reading this, it is very likely half the adults in the world now own noticeably less than one 1%.

Squashed Imbalance

Nonsensical Life

Divide 1% into tiniest microscopic fractions!

One Percent of Wealth

1% of global wealth: poverty  



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50% of global wealth is shared by 2% of the global population.







The majority of people are poor because they are exploited by a rich minority.